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Welcome To Spanish for fun!
Preschool and Daycare at Duraleigh, Raleigh, NC!

Play. Discover. Share.

At Spanish for fun! Duraleigh, we strive to maintain an active learning environment where students can improve their bilingual skills. This environment facilitates an intercultural dialogue that includes all students, and they become aware of their own cultural identities and learn to celebrate cultures different from their own. And they gain all these benefits as they play, discover, and share.

We base our teaching on the notion of fun, whose effectiveness is proven. Science has demonstrated that when children play, they are able to learn most effectively. As such, our team brings together highly qualified and passionate early childhood educators that fully understand the curriculum and how to ensure the learning process is facilitated in an engaging and innovative manner.

An obvious indication of our success is that our students find no dissimilarity between playtime and learning. They benefit from learning a second language and awakening their cultural consciousness, all while growing both socially and cognitively, all while having fun.

One of our greatest commitments is to promote our students͛ well-being. As such, we have assimilated The Five Love Languages as elaborated by Dr. Gary Chapman into our curriculum. One of the major reasons why students at Spanish for fun! enjoy their preschool experience is because it is delivered holistically, with a great emphasis on child care.

Our Programs & Curriculum

Duraleigh Raleigh full time preschool

Full-Time Preschool

Students at Spanish for fun! receive exceptional childcare and learn Spanish as a second or even third language. And not just the language – our experienced early childhood educators also help them learn the Spanish culture in the immersive environment. Our students also excel as they get opportunities to develop their linguistic, cognitive and social skills during the play activities in which they participate. Research shows that children who are proficient in two languages are at an advantage when compared to children that only know one language. They also enjoy a lifetime of benefits, and these include greater academic achievement, more opportunities for work, and performing better at work. They also adopt a global worldview that helps them appreciate and celebrate diversity.

kids summer camp duraleigh Raleigh NC

Summer Camp

In order for children to thrive, they need an environment that allows them to discover new things and take part in activities that engage them both physically and mentally. It is for this reason that we have designed our summer program in a way that engages children completely as they read, think and learn creatively while applying their Spanish speaking skills. The camp encourages them to further develop the skills they learnt during the school year as they participate in a host of fun activities. Some of these activities are outdoor explorations and excursions, water activities, picnics and our famed ͚Going Green͛ recycling program that helps children appreciate that learning really can be fun. Afterward, students are able to easily get back into the flow of the curriculum once the school year resumes.

Spanish Story Time

Everyone in the community is welcome to take part in this one. It͛s a Spanish-learning program that is free for all – learners, caregivers, parents and others in the community, where they get to learn Spanish language and literacy. During the weekly events, participants get to learn written Spanish so that they are able to both read and understand it. Teachers assist by ensuring that they emphasize important ideas and words using different hand gestures, voice intonations and facial expressions. Additionally, when stories are read, students are asked to predict what might happen next. They are also encouraged to compare between occurrences in real life and those described in the stories.

Mommy and Me, Daddy and me, Parent & Me

Parent and Me

If you would like your young child of nine to twelve months to receive supplementary bilingual education, then this is the perfect program for you. It is specially designed for children of this age group that gives them an easy transition into preschool,as it involves their parents and guardians. Early learning is enhanced, and children have been observed to develop their basic social skills faster, as well as becoming more independent and confident. Some of the activities to expect are music, reading, yoga for babies and massage for babies; all this is a Spanish-immersion setting.

Cost: One-time registration fee of $45, and a monthly fee of $96 for 8 classes.


We feel so fortunate a friend told us about Spanish For Fun. We began in 2012 with our first child and now have two enrolled, soon to be three.

Blair C, Google Review

Our daughter started at SFF Raleigh in 2010 at 3 mo. old. The staff have always been so warm and caring toward my daughter and made my transition back to work very easy!

Kelly L, FaceBook Review

Our 14 month old has attended SFF! since she was nine months old and it has been a great experience! We love the staff!

Samantha K, Google Review

We love SFF and would recommend it to any family! Both of our children started here when they were 3 months old (now 3.5 years and 10 months). I visited a variety of daycares, but the moment I walked into SFF I felt the welcoming and nurturing environment I was looking for in a daycare.

Emily R, Google Review

I love having my kids at SFF. They always have a great time, learning and being loved by their teachers.

Loftier C, FaceBook Review
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