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This Parent Letter Totally Made Our Day…So We Have To Share It

We recently received a letter from a Sff! parent that underscores everything we believe about our preschools, our wonderful teachers, our proven instruction method and our loving caregiving principles. As you can imagine, it made us all extremely proud. We couldn't wait to share it with you...Good afternoon,I wanted to take a minute to recognize [...]


It’s the Winter Season…Here’s What’s Coming at Sff!

’Tis the season for winter fun and holiday activities! Here’s what we have going on at Sff! in the next few months: January In January, we learned all about transportation! Bicycles, cars, planes, trains, etc… Our little ones learned all about how we get around. February In February, we will be learning all about [...]


The Benefits of Early Childhood Education

The moment your child is born, he or she starts learning and developing cognitively, physically, socially, emotionally, and linguistically. As your child grows, their brain acts like a sponge for knowledge -- learning from you and from their environment. While all children will learn and develop quickly during these formative years, there are a lot [...]


Here’s Why Summer Camp is Essential for Children

Summer camp has so many benefits for children. From academic benefits to exercise and social skills, camp has many rewarding and engaging experiences to offer. At Spanish for fun! summer camp, kids learn Spanish through play and do all kinds of activities -- science, cooking lessons, arts and crafts, literacy, music, gardening, computer lessons, games, [...]


6 Things To Look For In A Daycare Center

The thought of leaving your child in someone else’s care every day while you work probably makes you at least a little anxious -- but it doesn’t have to. Not if you know your little one will receive the best possible care and age-appropriate learning in the process. This is why choosing a good daycare or pre-school is so [...]


Play As An Essential Element In A Preschool Curriculum

Academic demands on learners have been on a steady increase over the years, and this has trickled down to the little ones. Preschool curricula today seem to be heavily influenced by the present culture that is obsessed with tests and academic achievement. However, the fact that preschools today feel a lot like regular [...]


Why Is It Easier For Young Children To Learn A Second Language?

The fact that young children learn new languages faster than adults and older children is not in dispute. Beyond the anecdotal claims of parents and others who are around children who are exposed to a second language, there’s research out there to prove the fact. For instance, children of immigrants to Canada learn to speak both English and [...]