Here’s How To Take Charge Of Your Preschooler’s Language Development

As a parent, you have the special privilege of laying the foundation for the quality of life your child will have. Obviously you want the best for them in all respects. One way you can help facilitate this is to ensure that your child’s communication skills are being sharpened from an early age. This will [...]


The Benefits of Early Childhood Education

The moment your child is born, he or she starts learning and developing cognitively, physically, socially, emotionally, and linguistically. As your child grows, their brain acts like a sponge for knowledge -- learning from you and from their environment. While all children will learn and develop quickly during these formative years, there are a lot [...]


What Impact Does Music Have On Your Preschooler’s Development?

Have you thought of using music as a tool to enhance your child’s development? You should, because music has numerous benefits despite the fact that many people only appreciate it as a form of entertainment. It can truly work wonders for a young mind. In this post, we’ll explore the different ways music can enhance [...]


Just How Important Is Play For Your Child’s Development?

Most people still think that when children play, they are primarily passing time -- but they're wrong. Children gain a great deal from playing, and there are different ways in which they can enjoy this important activity. Under the proper guidance, play can be structured, deliberate and intentional without cutting out the fun children get [...]


Here’s What Every Parent Should Know About Preschoolers

Parenting a small child comes with lots of joys and plenty of challenges. Your best and worst qualities are often brought to the surface as you undergo experiences that stretch your emotions to what sometimes seems like the breaking point. Because of this, you may occasionally end up feeling like a not-so-good parent, and blame [...]


Boredom Can Be A Good Thing For Your Child’s Development

Do you get concerned when you hear your child say “I’m bored!”? Do you immediately shift into high gear looking for activities to keep them occupied? For some parents, the threat of tedium leads to a long list of things for their children to do every minute of the day. We're here to tell you [...]


Why Is It Easier For Young Children To Learn A Second Language?

The fact that young children learn new languages faster than adults and older children is not in dispute. Beyond the anecdotal claims of parents and others who are around children who are exposed to a second language, there’s research out there to prove the fact. For instance, children of immigrants to Canada learn to speak both English and [...]