What Your Child Can Gain From A Play-Based Preschool

As you research preschools to find the one that is most suitable for your child, keep in mind that an important part your decision should be the type of teaching method that is offered. There are different types of programs, but, here at Spanish for fun! Duraleigh, we believe a play-based approach to learning is [...]


The Most Effective Learning Methods For Young Children

Newborn children enter this world like blank pages that will be written on throughout their lives by various experiences and learning processes. There are many different sources of learning that your child will encounter along the way. As a parent, you have the privilege of being your child’s primary source of learning. It's a major [...]


How Children Benefit from Music Education

Being exposed to and interacting with music has many benefits for children, starting at a very young age. Music helps children develop multiple skill sets by exercising different areas of the brain simultaneously, in both the left and right hemispheres. Here are some of the great benefits to music in the classroom. Music Helps Develop [...]


The Benefits of Play-Based Learning For Your Preschooler

Time flies and kids grow fast, which is why you need to ensure your child’s early years will benefit them for a lifetime. To help with this, you need to get acquainted with the best methods for promoting cognitive development and social skills. Play-based learning has been found to be a very successful method of guiding preschoolers toward [...]


Play As An Essential Element In A Preschool Curriculum

Academic demands on learners have been on a steady increase over the years, and this has trickled down to the little ones. Preschool curricula today seem to be heavily influenced by the present culture that is obsessed with tests and academic achievement. However, the fact that preschools today feel a lot like regular [...]