How To Make Your Child’s Hobbies More Beneficial

One of the great things about being a parent is the adventure you experience as your child grows. This includes both the "big" stuff and the "not-so-big" stuff that happens as they grow and develop. Part of your job is to find ways to make all these experiences add value to your child’s life. A [...]


Tips For Parenting Highly Intelligent Children

Intelligent children are gifted. They stand out in a group of kids their own age. Because of their increased intellectual capacity, you may sometimes feel like you are talking to another adult -- but the fact is your intelligent child is still a child. One moment you’re having a mature conversation and the next you're [...]


Are You Proactive About Building A Healthy Relationship With Your Child?

Typically, the first relationship that any child knows is the one between the child and his or her parents or guardians. There really isn’t a perfect parent-child relationship, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying to make it the best it can possibly be. As a parent, you need to be deliberate about building [...]


Children and Sleep: What You Should Know About Your Child’s Rest Needs

All parents want their children to get the right amount and best quality of sleep. The obvious question for you is: What is the right amount and how do I help to facilitate it? This post will help answer your questions. The first thing to note is that your child’s sleeping needs will vary with his [...]


Here’s What You Should Know About Temper Tantrums

Every parent dreads the moment when their child throws a temper tantrum. It can be quite distressing for both you and your little one. It particularly seems like a nightmare when you’re out in public and it feels like everyone is judging your parenting skills. Don't get caught up in that thinking -- it won't help any. [...]


6 Things To Look For In A Daycare Center

The thought of leaving your child in someone else’s care every day while you work probably makes you at least a little anxious -- but it doesn’t have to. Not if you know your little one will receive the best possible care and age-appropriate learning in the process. This is why choosing a good daycare or pre-school is so [...]