News & Notes – International Fiesta

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Happy Friday Parents!

We hope your week has been as great as ours with our wonderful children!
Next week we learn about the American continent. We will talk about United States of America, the country where we live as well as the countries where our teachers come from. We will discuss their culture, traditions, music and languages.
It will be a week full of fun learning activities and lots of instruments and music!

International Fiesta

We are very excited that our annual “International Fiesta” is coming very soon. We have already started to rehearse for this activity and children are happy to explore and discover different cultures and their music. Please save the date for the Party. It will take place on Friday, April 21st  and Spanish for fun! will close at 2:30pm.

We hope you enjoy this important event as much as we do!

Spanish for fun! Music!

Listening to music is a great tool to introduce young children to vocabulary.

Listening to songs featuring in our Spanish for fun! CDs will motivate children to keep learning Spanish at home while strengthening what they have already learned in the preschools. Our CDs cost $20 each or you can also buy 2 CDs for $37. Please visit the front desk to get a copy of Sff! CDs Volume I and II as soon as possible.

Safe Arrival and Departure Procedures

  • Upon arrival, all children must be accompanied inside the facility by an adult.
  • Staff must be notified of the child’s arrival.
  • Upon the child’s departure, an adult must come inside the facility and notify staff that the child is leaving. Children will only be released to persons listed on the child’s application as authorized by the parent/guardian. Staff will request to view a driver’s license to verify identity of persons other than known parent/guardian.
  • Authorization from parent/guardian is required in writing when anyone other than the designated person(s) as listed on the child’s application arrives to pick up the child.
  • When a child is transported by the facility to the child’s home, an adult must be available to receive the child from the bus or van.
  • Sign children in and out according to the program’s policies. Daily arrival and departure times must be recorded.
  • Children must never be left unattended.